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Ben Bowden

Ben 5.jpg

A founding member of the band, Ben plays Paul Simon in the live show. An experienced musician, Ben has played all over the world in various bands and orchestras. He first discovered Simon and Garfunkel when it emerged that the Greatest Hits cassette was the one that would trigger the least amount of arguments when played in the car on family holidays. Ben spends his time booking the Sounds of Simon into theatres all over the UK and abroad, playing Bob Dylan in the touring show, Positively Fourth Street, and apologising to his wife.

Favourite S&G song: The Boxer

Favourite PS song: Hearts and Bones

Adam Ellis

adam 1.jpg

Adam plays the role of Art Garfunkel. A seasoned veteran of the music scene, Adam has played all over the UK and Europe is various guises. He has fronted a chart topping band, works constantly in his studio, Deadline Studios, and plays the part of Graham Nash in the touring tribute to CSN, Marrakesh Express. He has managed to resist the urge to wear a wig in the show, and wishes that the real Art had chosen something more sartorial to wear than a waistcoat.

Favourite S&G song: Bridge (obviously)

Favourite PS song: Graceland

Gareth Wynne

Gaz 2.jpg

Gaz has been with the band since 2015, and plays keys as well as supplying extra backing vocals. He has performed as a professional rat-pack, opera and function singer across the country, played in front of a crowd of 11’000, and enjoys country walks, nights in front of the fire, and writing about himself in the third person.

Favourite S&G song: Dangling conversation

Favourite PS song: Train in the distance (Obviously)

Damon Clarridge


Damon is a self confessed Steve Gadd freak, and a tech/equipment nut. He is also an amazing drummer, working with a range of other acts, including Howard Rose, a finalist in BBC’s The Voice. Damon works hard to get those Gadd parts just right, and constantly amazes us all with his attention to detail.

Favourite S&G song: Mrs Robinson

Favourite PS song: 50 Ways to leave your lover (obviously).

Tom Bull

Tom Bull.jpeg

Tom is easily the most amazing bass player in the world. He has worked with Mike Sanchez, The Drugstore Cowboys, played for Jeff Beck and David Gilmour, and toured with Robert Plant.  His frankly dizzyingly good playing makes us all feel somewhat inadequate.

Favourite S&G song: Hazy Shade of Winter

Favourite PS song: You Can Call Me Al (obviously)

Regular Guest Musicians

We are ably supported by our wonderful deps and stand ins who, at a moment’s notice with very little rehearsal and even less money, drop everything and join us for a show or two.

Dave Bryant, Drums. Dave has played with the best throughout his long career. We are honoured to have him on board. He has an almost supernatural ability to sniff out a pint at the end of a show.

Gaz Rackham, Bass. Resident in Spain, Gaz flies in, plays with us, flies out again. How sophisticated is that!

Glenn Hughes, Keys. The Keeper of the Red Organ used to be our regular keys player, but is now an irregular one.

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